Nostalgia and technology combined

Fujifilm FinePix FX 100

There are those moments when a photographer is dreaming away looking at camera's in magazines, strolling around in a shop or browsing sites on the internet.  The amount of new camera's introduced on the market is overwhelming and it takes significant time and effort to pick the right one that will serve your specific needs in the field of photography.  Your new camera will be your new eyes and view on the world so to speak.  A while ago I was enduring such a time although I am certainly satisfied with my Pentax DSLR and have no intention to get rid off him.  He will go on being the workhorse  he has been for some time and besides I spent already a fortune on glass, bags, tripods, accessories and so on for him.
But there came the need for another device that would be always with me where ever and whenever I was on the go.  The DSLR is bulky and sometimes just not handy depending on the situation. I missed the ease and discretion of a small camera that would be with me all the time.  The quest for the holy grale commenced.  Numerous days, reviews and headaches later I stumbled over the Fuji X100.  It was love on first sight.  You have to know I'm a bit nostalgic and only the sheer looks of this piece of art made my heart melt.  Reason and feelings are no great friends so I tried to get my head back on earth.  Looks alone could not bridge the gap between admiring and buying after all this is not a cheap camera.  Again reviews and sample pics and it became clear this device has a lot of big fans and critics alike.  What and who to believe ?  Finally I left the personal critics on forums for what they are and concentrated on the technical specifications and sample pictures.  After all it's the camera's output that will count isn't it?  I was finally convinced and the gap was bridged.  I went for the limited edition that was sold in a beautiful wooden box with camera, leather case and external flash unit.  Bought an extra battery and now feel proud and happy as a child whenever I go out with my newest friend.

Designed with love

Everyone with love for photography will confess that only the looks of this camera makes their heart miss a beat !

A camera and a friend

A nice leatherette as finishing touch.
The Fuji X100 a dream cometrue

Some specifications

The FX 100 is a photographers dream made by photographers for photographers.  It offers truly amazing picture quality and a high ISO performance (100-12800) that competes with even better DSLR's.  My Pentax is not able to produce the same quality at high iso values. Furthermore the X100 is capable of video capture in HD and has a panoramic picturing mode.  One of the awesome and so amazing features is the hybrid viewfinder that can be swapped easily from OVF optical viewfinder into EVF electronic viewfinder.  All needed info ( aperture, iso, shutterspeed, whitebalance, metering, horizon level and more) is astounding clearly displayed looking in the viewfinder so you can concentrate composing the frame instead of looking at the back display. 
The camera has an APS-C CMOS sensor that is the same size as in most consumer DSLR's.
12.3 million pixels, JPEG and RAW image format, a fast F2 semi wide-angle lens with classic 35 mm film format of tremendous quality.
Classical styled dials for shutterspeed, aperture and exposure compensation.
But above all it has superb and gorgeous image quality and with the right settings the picture will look like outstanding rich and detailed analog similar images.

Limite edition, a wooden box and all nicely placed in a bed of satin cloth.

A jewel

A jewel needs an appropiate jewelry box and Japanese engineering goes hand in hand with a refined marketing machinery.

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25.11 | 14:56

Dag Sam, bedankt voor je commentaar. De kaders doe ik via een applicatie op tablet. Deze applicatie noemt Camera Awesome. Mvg, Eddy

16.11 | 08:57

Duidelijk een natuur- en architectuurliefhebber, naast een goed fotograaf! Zijn de randen rond de kerkfoto's gemakkelijk vinden online? Succes, Sam

11.11 | 19:01

Prachtige foto's! Wandeling in Redu voor herhaling vatbaar! Dank voor de mooie momenten samen!

09.10 | 08:01

Het is heeeeeeeel mooi! Eddy, hartelijk bedankt voor het plezier!!!!
Maxieeeeeeem, kan niet zonder jou leven